Employee Spotlight: RODERICK MADDOX

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This #WeArePierson employee spotlight takes a look at Roderick Maddox, Senior Director of Strategic Engineering & Design. Maddox joined Pierson Wireless in 2016 following a 16-year career at Verizon where he was a Network Director. Overall, Maddox has over a quarter-century of professional experience in the telecommunications industry and holds a BEEE from Prairie View A&M University and MEEE from Texas A&M.

Maddox is based in Pierson Wireless’ Minneapolis offices, and he oversees a 17-person department located across the country, specializing in engineering, design, estimation, and business analysis.

“My primary job is to develop wireless connectivity solutions that help our customers leverage technology to advance their businesses,” Maddox said. “I do that as a leader and collaborator with a talented team of professionals within our company and across the industry.”

When not developing technical strategies that have helped make Pierson Wireless one of the nation’s top telecommunications systems integration firms, Maddox is a self-described “car guy” with a deep passion for automotive technology. He also enjoys cooking and trying new recipes.

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