Employee Spotlight: PAIGE BARROWS

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This edition of our #WeArePierson employee spotlight takes a look at Paige Barrows, a Business Analyst in Pierson Wireless’ Design & Strategic Engineering department. Barrows joined the company three days into the current year, but she quickly became a valued member of the organization.

“I generate some of our company’s reports and assist with their continued development,” Barrows said. “I’ve definitely earned a ‘blackbelt’ in a couple of Pierson Wireless’ key planning and financial platforms. I also serve as a liaison between several departments, including Design, Operations, and Accounting.”

Barrows’ service to Pierson Wireless is eclipsed only by her sense of serving and helping others in her personal life. She was a part of the United States Peace Corps in Ukraine from 2010-12. Understandably the current conflict in Ukraine has moved her to find ways to assist those impacted in the region.

“I learned to speak Ukrainian and remained close with many people there, and I returned to visit in 2019,” Barrows recounted. “Since the war began, I’ve collected and shipped 200 pounds of supplies, and raised over $23,000. That money has paid for one-and-a-half tons of food, a life-saving surgery for a 2-week-old orphan, 2,000 boxes of medicine, and other key medical supplies.”

In September, Barrows met with several representatives from the United State Senate and House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., at the Ukraine Action Summit.

Barrows is also the mother of two sons (ages 2 and 5) and a dog parent to Mae (who she says is the “perfect mix of 13 breeds”). She has a passion for the Halloween holiday season and hosting theme parties.

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