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In-building Wireless Solutions

Since 2002, Pierson Wireless has taken on numerous projects in challenging venues ranging from airports, secure facilities, underground and tunnel systems to large arenas, stadiums, high-rise offices, corporate campuses, and historic buildings.

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Design & Engineering

Pierson Wireless has over a decade of experience in providing engineering and design services in support of custom DAS solutions. Over the course of that time Pierson Wireless has supported deployments ranging in size from small retail stores to large campus solutions to stadiums and arenas. We have successfully completed over 10,000 in-building solutions.

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Small Cell/oDAS

Pierson Wireless has deployed many Small Cell Networks for universities, corporate campuses, industrial facilities, and busy municipal areas.  These efforts have offloaded capacity for carriers, thereby promoting private sector communication needs, and supported the overall effectiveness of wireless networks.

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Maintenance & Monitoring

Pierson Wireless is there to support your services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The combination of our reliable solutions and dedicated support from our expert engineering team ensures the delivery of superior service and performance.

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What clients are saying about Pierson Wireless

Pierson Wireless has assembled a team of engineers, project managers, and technicians from the absolute best talent that the telecommunications industry has to offer to support the design and construction of reliable in-building systems for our Customers.

Pierson Wireless is always up-to-date on all certifications the industry has to offer, which includes:

  • Anritsu – PIM/Spectrum Analysis/RF Fundamentals/LTE/WCDMA/VSWR
  • Corning Mobile Access – DAS Commissioning and Design
  • Corning – Fiber Optic Troubleshooting and Testing/OTDR
  • CommScope – DAS & BDA Commissioning and Design
  • ADRF – DAS & BDA Commissioning and Design
  • SOLiD – DAS Commissioning and Design
  • JMA Teko – DAS Commissioning and Design
  • SpiderCloud – DAS Commissioning and Design
  • R-Tron – BDA Commissioning
  • GST – BDA Commissioning
  • Axell – BDA Commissioning
  • iBwave – DAS Design: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
  • OSHA – 10 and 30 hour
  • FCC Radio Telephone Operators License
  • ComTrain Tower Climbing Certification