Improving Wireless Connectivity

for First Responders, Private Business and the General Public through In-Building Wireless Solutions and DAS

Commercial Consumer Networks
Commercial Consumer Networks

Custom solutions to improve facility coverage for operators like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular.

  • All Network Operators
  • All Commercial Technologies
  • Next Generation Ready
Wireless connectivity is no longer a perk. It is a necessity and it is essential in our personal and professional lives. Wireless connectivity allows us to communicate, share ideas, and stay current on events within our community or throughout the world. You now have options to improve your In-Building Wireless Connectivity such as passive DAS, active DAS or small cells and Pierson Wireless can help you do that.
Public Safety Communications Systems
Public Safety Communications Systems

Solutions to meet building code compliance and ensure first responders can communicate throughout your building.

  • NFPA and ICC Code Compliant
  • All Public Safety Frequencies
  • All Public Safety Technologies
Through the tragedy of 9/11 we learned that reliable public safety communications within buildings are essential. Most jurisdictions now require that public safety communication systems meet minimum coverage levels within new or renovated buildings. Pierson Wireless can help you satisfy these building code requirements and ensure communications work with the alarm sounds.
Private Data Networks
Private Data Networks

Private wireless networks like Wi-Fi to securely connect your customers, employees and technology.

  • Scalable and Secure
  • High Speed and Low Latency
  • Latest Wireless Technologies
As more and more businesses rely on wireless connectivity for routine operations, wired LANS no longer define Private Data Networks. The most common wireless Private Data Networks are Wi-Fi networks. Pierson Wireless can help you design, install and optimize a Wi-Fi network that meets your performance requirements. Pierson Wireless can also help you evaluate new technologies such as MULTEFIRE or private LTE networks.
Wireless Networks Support
Wireless Networks Support

General services to support your wireless technology from solution design or engineering consultation to monitoring or maintenance services.

  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Network Design and Engineering
Due to the critical nature of many wireless networks owners and operators alike want to ensure systems are monitored such that situations resulting in diminished service can be responded to immediately. Pierson Wireless offers around the clock monitoring with engineers or technicians available to repair your system. Pierson Wireless also offers preventative maintenance services and design or engineering consultations.

The Latest News

Multi Beam Antennas Are Changing The Way Engineers Design Wireless Solutions
Multi beam antennas are changing the way engineers design in-building wireless solutions for certain stadiums and arenas.  In February, Verizon announced the use of multi beam antennas at US Bank Stadium as a part of their Super Bowl 52 preparation.  And, more recently AT&T announced the use of multi beam
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FirstNet Devices Emerge to Increase Situational Awareness
Emergency “drop kits”, handsets, modems and Internet of Things (IoT) modules are all emerging and will be available soon if not already for First Responders looking to utilize FirstNet.  Following the recent APCO show in Las Vegas, RCR Wireless News reported several product announcements including a handset developed by Motorola
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AT&T to Deploy 5G-Ready Connectivity Services for Frisco Station
AT&T said this development in Texas will be one of the first connected communities in the U.S. built from the ground up with 5G technology AT&T announced plans for Frisco Station, a 242-acre, mixed-use development in Frisco, Texas, to deploy integrated connectivity. Frisco Station said that the development will be
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Emerging Technology in Large Venues
Even before the popularity of Unlimited Wireless plans data usage at major sports and entertainment venues over the last 5 to 10 years has grown at astonishing rates.  Most of that data usage is driven by the availability of social media on handheld devices because there is an expectation that
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