DAS/Distributed Antenna Systems

Distributed Antenna Systems (or more commonly known as “DAS”) are a means of enhancing and distributing wireless connections inside buildings or other structures to enable wireless devices to operate where they otherwise would not.  Poor wireless signal strength in indoor environments typically occurs for one of two reasons.  First, commonly used RF shielded materials including steel, energy efficient windows, and concrete. These materials can degrade wireless signal strengths.  Second, signal quality may be diminished as a result of too many users attempting to access the network, thereby overloading the intended capacity of the carrier’s network.  Distributed Antenna Systems that are professionally designed, engineered, and installed by Pierson Wireless solve these issues and provide strong, reliable wireless connectivity.  Our DAS are capable of supporting multiple wireless technologies over a single system and can be easily expanded to meet a customer’s unique needs.

Pierson Wireless’ team of professional engineers, designers, project managers, and installation technicians has extensive experience in DAS development and construction. Since 2001, Pierson Wireless has taken on numerous projects in challenging venues ranging from airports, secure facilities, underground and tunnel systems to large arenas, stadiums, high-rise offices, corporate campuses, and historic buildings.