Strong Demand for Spectrum Licenses Covering Larger Markets

As part of its ongoing incentive auction proceedings, the Federal Communications Commission attracted another $1.7 billion in “winning” bids for the 100 megahertz of 600 MHz spectrum assets available.

The demands for licenses are well above the supply which could result in bidding prices on those licenses to continue to soar.

Ten licenses for bid, centered on New York City, remain the priciest with over 30 bids placed at $148.8 million per 10-megahertz spectrum block after the conclusion of 3 rounds of bidding.

The 5 licenses centered on Los Angeles available in the auction remained to see 20 bids allotted at a price of $110.3 million per license. Interest in the 10 available Chicago-based licenses also persist powerful, with 28 bids placed in round three at $54.6 million per block.


  • The latest pair of 600 MHz incentive auction bidding rounds continued to show strong demand for spectrum licenses covering larger markets
  • Among the larger markets, the 10 license blocks centered on San Francisco witnessed a significant drop off in activity
  • In terms of demand outstripping supply, the five licenses centered on Los Angeles available in the auction continued to see 20 bids placed at a price of $110.3 million per license

“The FCC managed to clear a total of 126 megahertz of spectrum from television broadcasters as part of the reverse auction at a clearing target price in excess of $86 billion. Factoring in additional clearing and administrative charges, the bidders will need to post winning bids in excess of $88 billion in order for the current forward auction results to count.”

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