Connectivity is Key to Attracting Tenants

Being a step ahead is important. In certain activities, it can mean the difference between receiving an award or wiping out. The next step for improvements of your property can be answered in many ways, but keeping a step ahead of your occupants is key to success. Your building is being filled with data -hungry users. As businesses and consumers evolve into smart home driven users and digital marketplaces, your data main becomes a critical utility to the tenant.

As an owner of a building that complies with fire code, you may already have an In-Building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) coverage system. If not, the value of your building could be negatively affected. A solid understanding of what is currently installed is a critical step in assessing your follow-up decision-making. Learning new options for cellular enhancement offers a competitive building manager foresight into what the tenant of tomorrow requires.

Whether one building occupant demands connectivity on his phone or you are driven to lower your monthly costs with a private LTE network, the value of partnering with certified installers gives property owners certainty. Your digital offering to tenants leads to confidence in marketing strategy and progressive improvement for lease rate increase. Partnering with the teams that build national commercial carrier networks ensures staying one step ahead of tenant demands for tomorrow and understanding the most efficient way to answer them today.

The world of commercial development is more diversified than ever. The area of improvement is vast, but as the digital divide widens, being on the right side of America’s race to supremacy in 5G safeguards your position in the market. Being on a winning side might mean cloud-hosted cold brew coffee machines to your tenants, but to you, it means the award of profitability and wiping out the costs that make your competitors cringe.

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