Employee Spotlight: SHAUN KRIZ

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Today’s #WeArePierson employee spotlight focuses on Shaun Kriz, Great Plains Region Central Market foreman. Shaun has been a member of the Pierson Wireless family for over 10 years, joining the team in October 2011.

“Over the years I’ve helped build some long-lasting relationships for Pierson Wireless in Iowa, Minnesota and across the Great Plains region,” Kriz said. “I have had the good fortune of helping to run and support some of the largest projects the company has been involved in – stadiums, arenas, the country’s largest mall, and Super Bowl projects.”

When not on the job in the Central, Shaun enjoys concerts, car shows, barbeques with friends, welding and metal fabrication. And most of all, spending quality time with his girlfriend, Sara. Shaun also has a pair of kittens named Stella and Scout.

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