Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Enhanced Open™: Transparent Wi-Fi® Protections Without Complexity

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Over time, we’ve come to expect fast, reliable, and secure wireless access everywhere. Wi‑Fi has steadily delivered increasing performance, and it is essential that privacy and security evolve as well to meet ongoing threats.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Enhanced Open™ is the first in a series of programs Wi-Fi Alliance is launching to address the unique demands of modern connection scenarios. It provides confidentiality for over-the-air communications while maintaining simplicity. Such areas as coffee shops, restaurants, airports, hotels, and sports arenas, are now expected to have these features.


  • Wi-Fi Enhanced Open is based on the Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE) standard
  • OWE, defined in RFC 8110, specifies an extension to IEEE 802.11 that uses a cryptographic handshake to encrypt the devices connecting open network access points
  • Businesses deploying Wi-Fi Enhanced Open infrastructure benefit similarly, as OWE security is available out of the box

“Given the benefits for end-users, device manufacturers and infrastructure providers achieving Wi-Fi Enhanced Open certification for their new products just make sense. Work is already underway for HPE to complete the certification process, with market introductions expected later this year, and throughout and beyond 2019.”

“In short, Wi-Fi Enhanced Open is an exciting development for our industry. It strengthens the connectivity needs of Wi-Fi networks without imposing a burden on users, to further the Wi-Fi Alliance vision of connecting everyone and everything, everywhere.”

Original source: https://www.wi-fi.org/beacon/dan-harkins/wi-fi-certified-enhanced-open-transparent-wi-fi-protections-without-complexity

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