Private LTE and CBRS, Paving a Path for In-Building Connectivity

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5G networks are no longer a dream of the future.  5G networks are finally here and they are delivering faster speeds with lower latency.  Initial deployments are focused on macro networks but, with the exception of large sporting venues or convention centers, the timing of 5G for in-building applications is not clear.  Despite the uncertainty, there is a path to improve wireless connectivity indoors, maximize the 4G LTE experience and position indoor networks for eventual 5G network services.

Urvashi Verma, in an article published in In-Building Tech, discusses how private LTE networks enabled by the newly defined Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) are poised to be deployed to support industrial, manufacturing and supply-chain market segments, as well as to support IOT applications.  These private LTE networks are projected to grow by leaps and bounds over the next 5 years and their growth is going to be driven by improved security, simpler device authentication, end-to-end quality of service and a spectrum allocation service that will allow the private network operators to have unencumbered spectrum to support their applications.

Read Urvashi’s full article to learn more about how private LTE advances wireless connectivity for in-building applications today and how private LTE positions the owners or operators of these private LTE networks for 5G in the future.


  • Private LTE has been predominant in the industrial, manufacturing and supply-chain sectors
  • IoT devices may be better suited for the technology for in smart building applications
  • Expected usage for IoT is reaching 75 billion by 2025
  • The advent of CBRS will create a market opportunity

“Clearly the stimulus to the market is the advent of the CBRS spectrum coming from the FCC. The adoption of cellular wireless has been complicated by the use of a licensed spectrum. Now with the availability of CBRS, the enterprise is capable to take action to deploy cellular technology,” said Nelson in an interview with In-Building Tech.

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