NTT Launches Private LTE/5G Network-as-a-Service

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NTT recently announced a significant telecommunications industry milestone by rolling out the first globally available private LTE/5G network-as-a-service platform.  NTT’s private 5G platform arrives pre-integrated with network and software partners and enhances security, control, and privacy for enterprises.

According to a report by Fierce Wireless, NTT’s solution is positioned for global enterprises seeking a single technology partner and a single private 5G network platform to deploy across multiple regions or countries.

“It’s becoming more than just a nice buzz, we’re beginning to see this [private 5G] as an on-ramp to cloud,” Shahid Ahmed (NTT’s Executive Vice President of New Ventures and Innovation) told Fierce Wireless.  “Where an IT organization could have full control over their private network, but not just control, visibility, they can do management from a security standpoint.  If you have 12 companies spread across 12 different countries, you want one single console to manage all those implementations and deployments.”

Internationally, NTT looks to utilize a dedicated spectrum or 10 MHz of Band 53 spectrum.  In the United States, NTT’s platform will leverage the shared spectrum of the CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service, 3.5 GHz).

Private 5G networks are rapidly becoming a preferred networking solution for a wide array of industries and use cases.  Just three months ago, Verizon executives stated the private 5G market could be worth up to $8 billion by the year 2025.

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