AT&T to Deploy 5G-Ready Connectivity Services for Frisco Station

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AT&T said this development in Texas will be one of the first connected communities in the U.S. built from the ground up with 5G technology.

AT&T announced plans for Frisco Station, a 242-acre, mixed-use development in Frisco, Texas, to deploy integrated connectivity.

Frisco Station said that the development will be one of the first connected communities in the nation built from the ground up with 5G Evolution wireless technology from AT&T.

The future deployments will include “wireless stealth micro cells,” fiber-based internet service, and Wi-Fi throughout all common areas, according to Frisco Station and AT&T.


  • Frisco Station, a 242-acre development, to deploy integrated connectivity
  • 5G evolution wireless technology will be used
  • Will include use of “wireless stealth micro cells”

“Frisco Station understands the future belongs to the individual,” said Ed Balcerzak, SVP of AT&T Connected Communities in a statement. “With this development, we’re working together to give you more of your thing and connect you to the people, information, and entertainment you care about.”

“Stations are places where people go to make connections. That’s why the Frisco Station Partnership chose AT&T as its partner to implement a platform that can support a connected community at every stage,” said Mike Berry, president of Hillwood, Frisco Station’s master developer. “We believe we are creating a high-tech environment, unlike anywhere else in the country, that has the potential to change the way people think about what’s possible in their day-to-day interactions with people and information.”

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