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A Pierson Wireless Network on Wheels (NOW) is an easily-deployed and portable telecommunications tower that creates or enhances private network and wireless coverage for locations with suboptimal or no coverage. NOW units provide a flexible, cost-effective alternative to permanent tower installations. NOWs generally feature a telescoping mast, network antenna, radio, and power source, all of which are mounted on a portable structure (i.e., truck, trailer).

Network on Wheels provide a number of benefits, including:

Pierson Wireless’ build-to-specification portable networks (NOWs) are available in a range of trailer sizes, determined by mast heights.
Our NOWs are provided as a complete, turnkey package including all Radio Access Network (RAN) and microwave equipment.
All Pierson Wireless NOWs include hook-ups for shore power, plus your option of solar, gas, or diesel as an alternative power source.
1 X-Large NOW
106-foot to 125-foot mast
2 Large NOW
65-foot mast
3 Medium NOW
45-foot mast
3 Small NOW
35-foot mast

X-Large, Large, Medium & Small NOWs Can Include:

  • Telescoping mobile mast with cable guides
  • Backhaul hand-off options for fiber, ethernet, RF microwave, and satellite
  • Single-, double-, or custom-cabinet configurations available
  • AC power infrastructure for shore power
  • DC power plant and backup batteries
  • Alternate fuel/power source (solar, gas, or diesel)
  • RAN radios can be placed in the cabinet or on the mast (“in the air”)
  • Configurations of 1 to 4 sectors per NOW asset
  • Security cameras to monitor the NOW and the surrounding footprint
  • Support of any IoT, Mobile Edge Compute, and Artificial Intelligence applications
  • Any other customer use case applications requiring remote or mobile support

Private Network Spectrum Options

CBRS is the Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service, a 150 MHz-wide domestic broadcast band (3.55 GHz – 3.70 GHz). In January 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorized full use of the band’s spectrum for wireless service provider commercialization, paving the way for the deployment of private networks.CBRS is governed by a three-tiered spectrum authorization framework:

  • Incumbent Access – Legacy band users, namely satellite ground stations and the US Navy
  • Priority Access License (PAL) – Auctioned, 10-year licenses for up to 70 MHz of CBRS spectrum, available on a county-by-county basis. Use may not interfere with Incumbent Access entities.
  • General Authorized Access (GAA) – The 80 MHz balance of the CBRS spectrum that’s not allocated to a PAL. Use of this portion of the spectrum does not require a license, but it does require interference coordination via a Spectrum Access System (SAS).

CBRS enables Private LTE and soon, Private 5G Network solutions. It’s often referred to as “The Innovation Band.”

OnGo is the brand name for Private 4G & 5G Network services using the CBRS band.

Band 41 EBS is a part of the Time Division Duplex (TDD) 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) spectrum that requires only a single uplink and downlink frequency band. Band 41 rests between traditional bands and millimeter wave (mmWave), a range commonly referenced as “mid-band.” It has a bandwidth of 194 MHz and ranges from 2496 – 2690 MHz.

Band 53 GlobalStar is also a part of the TDD 4G LTE spectrum, and like Band 41, requires a single band for uplink and downlink. It has a narrower bandwidth (11.5 MHz), ranging from 2483.5 – 2495 MHz.

MuLTEFire combines the high performance of a 4G LTE network with the simple deployment of Wi-Fi. A network utilizing MuLTEFire’s unlicensed and shared 5 GHz spectrum can support private LTE.

Pierson Wireless Advantage

Pierson Wireless Expertise

Pierson Wireless is an industry-leading telecommunication systems integrator specializing in cellular enhancement, private broadband networks, public safety communication systems, and wireless network monitoring and maintenance. Pierson Wireless is committed to excellence, innovation, and a service philosophy that delivers a customer-centric approach centered on communication and collaboration. Every customer receives:

Our Process

Every deployment is unique, and that’s why Pierson Wireless will always conduct an initial consultation to gain a clear understanding of your network goals and objectives. We believe knowledge equals success, and no detail is too small when it comes to the success of your network, whether the proposed solution is existing or a complete bespoke solution.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Initial Engineering Proposal (50% Design)
  • Final Engineering Activities and On-site Visits to Deliver 100% Constructible Design
  • Sourcing and Customization of The Cow / Network Solution
  • Construction and Installation of the Network
  • Maintenance and Monitoring of the Network
  • Options for UE-Level Support of Users on the Network

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