The Debate Over Who Pays for In-Building Cellular for Commercial Real Estate?

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It’s simple: a modern enterprise needs in-building cellular coverage and capacity. If they don’t have it, they lose out a huge market that expects it. However, for commercial real estate owners and managers, there remains a gap in market education. Not only that, but there lacks a consensus in regards to who pays for the service. The options are: bill–the carrier or carriers, the building owner or manager, or the tenant.


  • There remains a gap in market education especially in commercial real estate
  • During the Wireless Infrastructure Association’s HetNet Expo, there were overlapping points of view with some variation marked by the former’s position with a company that manages buildings as opposed to the latter’s role with a company that owns properties
  • It all comes down to market education

“We are in a different position,” Berezowsky said. “We are managing properties on behalf of numerous clients, while Nick has to educate a handful of his peers…we have to educate every single one of our clients. It’s all about educating the enterprise community as to why they need coverage and capacity in their buildings. That’s been a large part of our challenge.”

“Education is really important,” Stello agreed. “We’re a real estate company, not an IT company. The education comes over time. It came over time and the appreciation, if you will, and the value of what we’ve been doing has really hit home when you have a 250,000-square-foot lease that’s predicated on technology.”

“It’s not really marketing. It’s truly education. The biggest hurdle you’re going to have with the enterprise community is truly educating them on why they need coverage. It is something that’s necessary. The number of enterprise clients that are aware of what they want, what the solutions are, it has changed. It has increased.”

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