In-Building Wireless Systems and the MiddlePrise

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High-rise office and residential buildings, schools, universities, healthcare facilities, and buildings between 100,000 and 500,000 square feet are being referred to as the ‘MiddlePrise.’ This segment is the next category of structures below larger structures like stadiums, arenas and airports where In Building Wireless (IBW) or Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are being deployed. The article “Sizing the In-Building Wireless Systems Market” by John Celentano, states that 22 percent of the MiddlePrise buildings will have IBW or DAS solutions by 2021 and that the In Building Wireless industry will grow to over $1.4 billion.

The driver for this growth will be customer demand for wireless data. For many consumers, wireless data is considered the next essential utility behind electricity and water. Building owners and landlords alike are becoming increasingly interested in ensuring their buildings have adequate wireless coverage to satisfy the needs of residents, employees, visitors and service personnel.

With IBW or DAS solutions starting at $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot, solutions are not within reach for every building owner or landlord. Information about IBW or DAS solution types are key in helping building owners and landlords make informed decisions about the appropriate solution for their facility.

Pierson Wireless, along with others in our industry, have begun efforts to provide education and information for MiddlePrise customers. This material includes general information about IBW or DAS solutions and the options available.


  • The MiddlePrise includes a mix of high-rise office and residential buildings, educational campuses, and healthcare facilities (hospitals/medical centers).
  • By 2021, the article estimates that IBW systems will be deployed in more than 28,000 buildings.
  • The market potential is there but the vendors need to step up and address real customer issues, needs and wants.
  • Vendors must find ways to make it easy for MiddlePrise decision makers to move forward by lowering the procurement barriers.

“IBW system penetration is growing each year because of increasing demand for wireless as a prerequisite amenity, favorable pricing and financing from system providers and ease of installation with new digital designs.”

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  1. Angela Waterford October 31, 2019 at 11:30 am - Reply

    It’s true that wireless data are going to be considered as the next essential utility for many people. Since I’m planning to have an apartment building built in the next five years and become its landlord, having the latest features regarding wireless connections will be an important feature that my tenants will demand from me. I think I should have an in-building communication system installed by a professional when that time arrives so I’ll be ready to accommodate the latest technology that my tenants will use.

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