FAA Approval Allows Qualcomm to Test Drones in Real-world, Mixed Environment

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Drones are an amazing example of existing technology that can leverage 4G networks, and soon 5G networks, to take on a wide variety of tasks and bring new efficiencies and savings to a wide range of industries and enterprises.

Qualcomm got a certification of authorization from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration granting permission for drone testing up to 400 feet above ground level around the company’s San Diego, Calif., headquarters where the trials with AT&T will take place.

Beyond drone-based delivery, use cases range from first aid and time-sensitive organ transplant delivery to precision agriculture and oil spill monitoring. When the ultra-high reliability and incredibly-low latency of 5G come into the picture, these tasks can become autonomous with swarms of AUVs communicating and adjusting behavior through real-time data inputs and sharing.


  • Qualcomm’s research is not only focused on connectivity, but also bringing new levels of compute and intelligence that will be required for safe drone operation.
  • While LTE may be suitable for unmanned aerial flights, the next generation of wireless technology may actually be designed with drones in mind.
  • The results can help inform positive developments in drone regulations and 5G specifications as they pertain to wide scale deployment of numerous drone use cases.

“Qualcomm’s drone research focuses on two major areas: wireless connectivity and on-board intelligence. For 30 years, Qualcomm has been accelerating mobile innovations.”

Original source: http://www.rcrwireless.com/20161019/qualcomm_5g/5g-and-drones-enabling-mission-critical-use-cases

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