AT&T Flying COWs – Now Available in 5G

Cell on Wheels, also called COWs, are an important asset in the telecommunications arsenal.  They are mobile, quick to deploy, and can be utilized in a variety of situations and locations to deliver cellular network coverage. COWs were terrestrial, that is until AT&T debuted a Flying COW (Cell on Wings) . . .

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Let’s Talk C-Band and 5G

As the United States and its major wireless network operators continue their march toward a national rollout of fully-optimized 5G network services, talk has intensified around the critical nature that C-Band, or mid-band, frequencies will play in elevating 5G to its full promise. 5G, or the fifth generation of wireless . . .

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5G Network: FCC’s Big Push Toward the Next Wireless Network Generation

Most of us have witnessed the limited age of the Internet. There was a time when the general public couldn't even muster up a use let alone depend on it for everyday use. But now only two decades later, we cannot see ourselves working 'off the grid' for any length . . .

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