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Pierson Wireless hosted a Lunch & Learn event at Utepils Brewery in Minneapolis on April 27, featuring telecommunications equipment and solutions related to private data networks, in-building cellular enhancement, public safety communications systems, and professional monitoring and network maintenance.

The event also featured technology partners Nokia, Digi, and Wireless Supply, and all parties shared their collective wireless expertise with approximately 50 customers located in and around the Minnesota Twin Cities metropolitan area.

“It’s always nice to partner with some folks we know here in the area to extend Lunch & Learn invites to an event showcasing a variety of telecommunications verticals and solutions,” said Ted Cox, Senior Director of Advanced Solutions & Development at Pierson Wireless. “We feel these hands-on demonstrations of network equipment and user devices help our customers to understand the capabilities and power of these solutions, and how they may leverage them for their own enterprise use cases.”

One of the more popular features of the Lunch & Learn was Pierson Wireless’ portable private network tower, also known as a Network on Wheels (NOW). The NOW was the star of the event, showcasing its fully-operational Nokia Private LTE RAN (radio access network) operating in the CBRS spectrum (3550-3700 MHz).

The NOW wasn’t the only CBRS asset on display, as Pierson Wireless also previewed its Network in a Box (NIAB). The NIAB offers a smaller platform for indoor deployment, working well with Nokia FastMile CPE and various Digi user devices attached to the private data network.

“We featured interactive demonstrations with various owned assets in the private network, cellular enhancement, and public safety verticals, including both the network gear and the end user devices for the network,” Cox said. “In future Lunch & Learn events, we plan to feature interactive demonstrations of those network assets interfacing with our host venue’s day-to-day operations.”

“For the Minneapolis Lunch & Learn, we showcased an outdoor small-cell network approach learned during the Super Bowl LII network densification project in Minneapolis to cover the Utepils property sufficiently,” Cox said. “We had walk testing showing basic mobile user device connectivity, as well as considerable performance on CBRS Private LTE throughout the brewery’s back-of-house and front-of-house areas. Those indoor zones were operational and connected to the NOW, parked outside in the Utepils parking lot.”

If you would like to attend a future Pierson Wireless Lunch & Learn in Omaha (Neb.), Charlotte (N.C.), Minneapolis, or any of our other major office locations, or you would like us to consider bringing a Lunch & Learn to your market, please contact our team about your interest.

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