Not all Wi-Fi is created equally. Deploying secure, high performing Wi-Fi networks requires a solid understanding of the technology and network security principles. Whether you are looking to deploy a new Wi-Fi network, improve your network’s performance or upgrade, Pierson Wireless has the experience, the expertise and the tools to make your project a success.


Wi-Fi6, also known as IEEE 802.11ax, is the next evolution of Wi-Fi.  It offers up to 4x higher speeds than it’s predecessor, reduced latency and most importantly consistent performance in congested environments.  As more devices are connected via Wi-Fi it’s important that your Wi-Fi network is able to provide consistently high data transfer rates.  If you network has or is likely to have multiple devices accessing the network simultaneously, you will need Wi-Fi6.  The path to Wi-Fi6 are Wi-Fi6 enabled Access Points and devices. Network switches and routers may also need to be upgraded to accommodate the additional traffic. Click the contact button below for a free consultation.


Fast internet is not always easy to achieve. Your Wi-Fi network has to be designed to provide strong coverage with minimal interference in your target areas, the backbone network connecting your Access Points to your network of switches and routers need to be sized to accommodate the peak traffic you anticipate and your network switches and routers need to be sized accordingly as well. Although not required in all deployments, larger deployments need an element management system to ensure settings are consistent across all elements. Click the contact button below to learn more about how Pierson Wireless can place your network in a higher gear.


Pierson Wireless has a dedicated team of Network Design engineers.  Using industry standard tools such as Ekahau and iBwave, our engineers will design a custom solution that provides coverage where you need it and the wireless performance you require.

Accompanying our designs are predictive heat maps, logical equipment layouts, floor plan layouts, materials lists and construction documentation.


Pierson Wireless technicians are trained and experienced at installing wireless solutions.  Our installations meet or exceed industry standards, local building codes and manufacture recommendations.

Pierson Wireless will not only install Access Points and Network Switches, we will install and test structured category or fiber optic cable and coordinate services with your preferred contractors.


Pierson Wireless engineers and technicians will help ensure your network is running at optimal levels. Using some of the most advanced wireless network performance tools, we can pinpoint and diagnose slow throughput, failed connections and other service degradations, either correct the issue or develop a plan to repair or replace failed components. Our engineers will also ensure software updates are current in all active devices.

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