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Commercial Consumer Networks
Consumer Networks

Wireless connectivity is no longer a perk. It is a necessity and it is essential in our personal and professional lives. Wireless connectivity allows us to communicate, share ideas, and stay current on events within our community or throughout the world. You now have options to improve your In-Building Wireless Connectivity such as passive DAS, active DAS or small cells and Pierson Wireless can help you do that.

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Public Safety Communications Systems
Public Safety
Communications Systems

Through the tragedy of 9/11 we learned that reliable public safety communications within buildings are essential. Most jurisdictions now require that public safety communication systems meet minimum coverage levels within new or renovated buildings. Pierson Wireless can help you satisfy these building code requirements and ensure communications work with the alarm sounds.

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Private Data Networks
Data Networks

As more and more businesses rely on wireless connectivity for routine operations, wired LANS no longer define Private Data Networks. The most common wireless Private Data Networks are Wi-Fi networks. Pierson Wireless can help you design, install and optimize a Wi-Fi network that meets your performance requirements. Pierson Wireless can also help you evaluate new technologies such as MULTEFIRE or private LTE networks.

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Wireless Networks Support
Networks Support

Due to the critical nature of many wireless networks owners and operators alike want to ensure systems are monitored such that situations resulting in diminished service can be responded to immediately. Pierson Wireless offers around the clock monitoring with engineers or technicians available to repair your system. Pierson Wireless also offers preventative maintenance services and design or engineering consultations.

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802.11ax: The Next Generation of Wi-Fi is Nearing802.11ax: The Next Generation of Wi-Fi is Nearing
FCC Commissioners Express Interest in Redesignating Public-Safety 4.9 GHz Band for Commercial UseFCC Commissioners Express Interest in Redesignating Public-Safety 4.9 GHz Band for Commercial Use
What clients are saying about Pierson Wireless

Pierson Wireless has assembled a team of engineers, project managers, and technicians from the absolute best talent that the telecommunications industry has to offer to support the design and construction of reliable in-building systems for our Customers.

Pierson Wireless is always up-to-date on all certifications the industry has to offer, which includes:

  • Anritsu – PIM/Spectrum Analysis/RF Fundamentals/LTE/WCDMA/VSWR
  • Corning Mobile Access – DAS Commissioning and Design
  • Corning – Fiber Optic Troubleshooting and Testing/OTDR
  • CommScope – DAS & BDA Commissioning and Design
  • ADRF – DAS & BDA Commissioning and Design
  • SOLiD – DAS Commissioning and Design
  • JMA Teko – DAS Commissioning and Design
  • SpiderCloud – DAS Commissioning and Design
  • R-Tron – BDA Commissioning
  • GST – BDA Commissioning
  • Axell – BDA Commissioning
  • iBwave – DAS Design: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
  • OSHA – 10 and 30 hour
  • FCC Radio Telephone Operators License
  • ComTrain Tower Climbing Certification