Wireless Network Repeaters

Solutions Designed, Built and Maintained

    Pierson Wireless offers full service design, installation and maintenance services for wireless network repeaters solutions as well as other Commercial Consumer Network solutions.

      Commercial Consumer Network solutions enhance or extend mobile network operator (MNO) networks within a facility.  They are commonly known as In-Building Wireless Solutions (IBW) or Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).  In this category there are a variety of solution options to meet the coverage or capacity requirements of each facility while allowing building owners, operators or technology investors to remain focused on strategic long-term value with reduced operational cost.

        What building owners should know about the use if IBW or DAS?

        While virtually all markets are served by one or more wireless providers, there are still gaps in coverage within large commercial complexes.  To offer consumers and commercial industries a solution to address these service gaps or deficiencies the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued Report and Order FCC 13-21.  To learn more about FCC 13-21 and the law around signal boosters, Click here.

          What are the different type of solutions?

          Wireless solutions exist for all sizes and types of buildings.   From Pico cells which are ideal for small footprint applications where enhancement is only needed for a single carrier all the way to neutral host active DAS solutions frequently used in large venues enhancing service for multiple network operators.  Click here to learn more about wireless solution types.

            Learn a few wireless industry terms

            You’ve heard the term DAS but what does it mean.  What about BTS or AWS?  Click here to  view definitions or explanations of some of the most common industry terms.


              RF Surveys

              Pierson Wireless provides RF Survey services to assist customers to understand the coverage and quality of their existing wireless services.

              Our team using state of the art walk test equipment can document coverage of every network operator within your building.  We can do this as an initial step to identify needs or post installation to validate coverage or performance.  We will provide simple easy to understand reports and help determine next steps. For more information on survey packages Click here.

                Network Design

                Pierson Wireless has a dedicated team of Network Design engineers.  Using industry standard tools such as iBwave, Atoll and RanPlan, our engineers will design a custom solution that provides coverage  where you need it.  Our solutions are capable of supporting all network operator technologies and frequencies.

                Accompanying our designs are predictive coverage maps and 3D models so that it is easy to see the areas improved. For more information on designs packages Click here.


                  Pierson Wireless technicians are trained and experienced at installing wireless solutions. Our Installations meet or exceed industry standards, local building codes and manufacturer recommendations. For more information on installation services Click here.

                    Network Performance

                    Whether you need to troubleshoot a known performance issue or simply want to optimize your existing network, Pierson Wireless engineers have the tools and knowledge to assess your performance issue and to complete the necessary adjustments. For more information on how we can help you validate, achieve or maintain optimal network performance Click here.