OnGo™ Private LTE is a new wireless network technology solution that offers enterprise businesses a wireless network alternative that utilizes unlicensed spectrum like Wi-Fi yet offers interference protection, where priority licenses are optionally available, where user traffic is treated according to Quality of Service (QoS) designations, where device authentication and provisioning services are simplified yet secure, where devices can move between wireless transmitters without disconnecting and where a transmitter is able to cover more area than the Wi-Fi equivalent.

What is OnGo™ Private LTE

  • OnGo™ is a brand name for the LTE technology developed by the CBRS Alliance utilizing the CBRS band.
  • It’s private because a private business can deploy and maintain control of the network independent of commercial network operators.
  • It’s a wireless network, similar to Wi-Fi in that it also uses unlicensed shared spectrum but has several advantages over Wi-Fi.
  • It’s a wireless network technology that supports mobility and end-to-end QOS.
  • It’s a wireless network with secure, SIM based device management
  • It’s a wireless network with superior performance.
  • And, it’s a wireless network capable of supporting a variety of applications including video conferencing, file sharing, IoT sensors, industrial automation, and medical telemetry.

OnGo™ for Hospitality

Modern hotels and resorts rely on wireless technology throughout their properties to deliver an exceptional guest experience. Applications include in-room concessions, entry and access systems, signage, resource tracking, and environmental monitoring. With OnGo™ the hospitality industry could support or expand the usage of existing applications as well as new applications such as video surveillance, wireless POS, wireless audio systems, and operational two-way radio systems.

OnGo™ for Healthcare

Data networks are used throughout the Healthcare industry to record and to provide access to critical patient data, to enable collaboration amongst medical professionals, to monitor patient health activity and several medical telemetry devices. These data networks must be secure and reliable. OnGo™ provides the perfect wireless solution for healthcare enabling medical staff to document and share patient records via mobile workstations or handheld/tablet apps, enabling secure and reliable communications to medical devices and enabling medical specialists to remotely treat patients.

OnGo™ for Manufacturing

Many potential applications exist for OnGo™ to support commercial industries. Applications such as video conferencing, file sharing and mobile access to secure systems can be offloaded from carrier networks reducing operational expense or reliance on less predictable wireless networks to OnGo™. With a higher security and more reliable OnGo™ network, additional applications such as IoT sensor monitoring, manufacturing automation robotics, inventory, raw material, and equipment tracking, as well as remote video displays, video surveillance, entry and access, and operational radio can be supported as well.

OnGo™ for Education

The technology required to support K-12 and higher education is changing and the communications networks required to provide connectivity is changing as well. Students across all divisions are receiving a significant part of their instruction via mobile devices and more schools are using remote learning or holding classes in flexible locations. To support these new connectivity requirements, school districts and universities are planning the deployment of OnGo networks as a more robust, and cost effective wireless solution.


Private LTE Subscription Services

SAS/ESC – Spectrum Access System (SAS) services and Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) are a key part of an OnGo™ Private LTE network. Pierson Wireless has a direct relationship with several SAS/ESC providers and offers SAS/ESC access through these relationships.

EPC – An Evolved Packet Core (EPC) is a key component of any OnGo™ Private LTE network. Pierson Wireless can assist customers in deploying an on-premise EPC or customers may elect to subscribe to a cloud-based core solution.


Pierson Wireless provides RF Survey services to assist customers to understand the coverage and quality of their existing wireless services.

Our team using state of the art walk test equipment can document coverage of every network operator within your building. We can do this as an initial step to identify needs or post installation to validate coverage or performance. We will provide simple easy to understand reports and help determine next steps.


Pierson Wireless has a dedicated team of Network Design engineers. Using industry standard tools such as iBwave, Atoll and RanPlan, our engineers will design a custom solution that provides coverage where you need it. Our solutions are capable of supporting all network operator technologies and frequencies.

Accompanying our designs are predictive coverage maps and 3D models so that it is easy to see the areas improved.


Pierson Wireless technicians are trained and experienced at installing wireless solutions. Our Installations meet or exceed industry standards, local building codes and manufacturer recommendations.


Whether you need to troubleshoot a known performance issue or simply want to optimize your existing network, Pierson Wireless engineers have the tools and knowledge to assess your performance issue and to complete the necessary adjustments.

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