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Portable Wireless Infrastructure deployments are needed in a variety of situations from disaster recovery where network connectivity is needed to support continuity of business operations, to temporary connectivity solutions where permanent connectivity solutions are delayed or business operations is unable to wait on their completion, or where needed to support truly temporary business operations. Pierson Wireless provides portable assets such as a Cell on Wheels and deployment services to support Portable Wireless Infrastructure deployments.

Cell on Wheels (COW)

Base Package:

  • 60 HDL Locking Pneumatic Mast
  • 300lb (136kg) Capacity
  • Heavy-duty Electric Cable Tilt Winch Assembly
  • 8,000 lb (3,628kg) Trailer
  • Steel Locking Storage Box
  • LED Trailer Lighting
  • Trailer Leveling Jacks
  • ANSI/OSHA Compliant Fall Protection
  • Elevated Mast Control Panel
  • Guy Wire AssemblyMast Cable Guides
  • Trailer Hitch-Raising Adapter
  • Coax/Cable Reel
  • Lightning Protection & Grounding Kit
  • 7KW Diesel Generator
  • 42-Gallon Tank
  • Hydraulic Trailer Brakes
  • 62” Cabinet Size 33RU

Optional Items:

  • Five (5) HD Galvanized 14”x14” Sand/Marsh Jack Platforms
  • Ground Rod Storage Tube
  • Single Bulb (Red) Aviation Obstruction Light
  • Base Mounted LED Scene Lighting
  • Environmentally Controlled Equipment Enclosure (26RU) (50”H x 25”W x 25”D)
  • Upgraded Tire/Wheel Package
  • 100% Hot–Dipped Galvanized Trailer Structure
  • 40KW Diesel Generator
  • 15K GVWR SR Series Trailer

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