In Building Wireless

In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems (or more commonly known as “DAS”) are a means of enhancing and distributing wireless connections inside buildings or other structures to enable wireless devices to operate where they otherwise would not.  Poor wireless signal strength in indoor environments typically occurs for one of two reasons.  First, commonly used RF shielded materials including steel, energy efficient windows, and concrete. These materials can degrade wireless signal strengths.  Second, signal quality may be diminished as a result of too many users attempting to access the network, thereby overloading the intended capacity of the carrier’s network.  Distributed Antenna Systems that are professionally designed, engineered, and installed by Pierson Wireless solve these issues and provide strong, reliable wireless connectivity.  Our DAS are capable of supporting multiple wireless technologies over a single system and can be easily expanded to meet a customer’s unique needs.

Pierson Wireless’ team of professional engineers, designers, project managers, and installation technicians has extensive experience in DAS development and construction. Since 2001, Pierson Wireless has taken on numerous projects in challenging venues ranging from airports, secure facilities, underground and tunnel systems to large arenas, stadiums, high-rise offices, corporate campuses, and historic buildings.

Arenas & Stadiums

Arenas and Stadiums can be challenging environments for wireless voice and data communications mostly because of their large capacity. Communications networks in stadiums and arenas need to be robust enough to provide service under the most extreme conditions and support anywhere up to 100,000 users. DAS provides enhanced wireless coverage to customers in indoor or outdoor spaces where a large crowd might degrade an otherwise optimal wireless experience.

Pierson Wireless has designed, engineered, and installed Distributed Antenna Systems in numerous high-profile outdoor and enclosed arenas and stadiums. These applications provide reliable wireless signal for venues of all sizes, ranging from high school gyms to the fields and stadiums that support the highest level of professional sporting competition.

Corporate Office & Campuses

Whether it is a high-rise building in a busy downtown environment, a thriving office campus, or a bustling manufacturing facility, dependable wireless communications are critical to daily operations.

Pierson Wireless will work with building owners, property managers, tenants, and wireless carriers to design and install the most reliable DAS solution based on the customers’ requirements.

Airports and Public Buildings

Airports can have a wide range of wireless needs. Airports are typically dispersed over a large area, which results in an increased reliance on mobile devices. Many businesses are located within airport terminals, a vast numbers of visitors pass through these facilities daily, and there are also a lot of public security personnel. All of these factors create capacity issues for wireless networks. Pierson Wireless has extensive knowledge and experience in creating solutions for these unique environments that alleviate capacity issues and enable wireless functionality.

Government facilities have numerous unique requirements for communications. Frequently, wireless communication systems in these facilities support critical activities. Many of government facilities are also historic buildings where esthetics is a must.

Throughout the years Pierson Wireless has provided large complex deployments in these environments ranging from local police departments, to state capitol complexes, and even buildings in our nation’s capital.


Hospitals and doctors rely upon dependable 24/7/365 wireless communication systems to provide uninterrupted wireless coverage in all areas, from waiting rooms to the interior of examination rooms surrounded by lead lined walls. Without consistent wireless signal strength, communications break down and patients’ wellbeing can be put at risk. Wireless communication for medical care providers is a must. When lives are on the line, it is imperative that these parties are able to communicate with one another. In addition to medical personnel and patients, thousands of visitors pass through a hospital everyday including family members, friends, and vendors.

Pierson Wireless understands what it takes to succeed in sensitive healthcare facilities and works diligently to ensure medical professionals, patients and their families, and other interested parties have reliable wireless.