Are You Experiencing Network Connectivity Issues?


Advancements in cellular networks may have outpaced the capabilities of your DAS. Many long-term DAS users experience progressive declines in their system’s quality of service. These declines are often a result of the same new features and capabilities that cellular networks are upgraded to provide but older DAS do not support.

Pierson Wireless is tuned in to evolving technology in the wireless industry. This knowledge allows us to be experts in the design, engineering, and implementation of DAS solutions as well as experts in providing custom, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the connectivity needs of each unique customer. We will work with you and help you fully understand your options.

What Year Was Your DAS Installed?


Upgrade Your Outdated DAS to Optimize and Expand Network Connectivity


Here is a list of products with limited spectrum capabilities that we have helped customers upgrade from:

  • Commscope ION-B
  • LGC Fusion
  • LGC Unison
  • TE spectrum
  • TE prism
  • Mobile Access 1000 / 2000
  • Powerwave
  • Commscope Brightcell

The Pierson Wireless Advantage

Pierson Wireless has a dedicated team of experienced wireless professionals who are committed to providing high quality service in every aspect of our business – design, build, and maintain. When you are looking to upgrade the capabilities of your DAS, we will provide a detailed plan that is designed with solutions and options that ensure optimal cellular performance in the long term. With Pierson Wireless, the customer’s future, bottom line, and transparency in understanding all of the options available to them is always at the forefront.

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