Bringing Connectivity to US National Parks

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A recent RCR Wireless article announced that AccessParks and FreedomFi are collaborating to bring high speed wireless connectivity to US National Parks. Two months into this partnership, they have brought 5G connectivity to nine sites, and have plans to deploy hundreds more by the end of this year. They are using CBRS spectrum and open-source 5G network software.

FreedomFi has been developing an open source software package called Magma that allows customers to build private 5G networks. “Magma has the most momentum out of all open source alternatives and it’s access agnostic architecture enables us to take advantage of the radio innovation from a variety of vendors and to stay in control of our destiny,” says Tim Rout, CEO of AccessParks.

Boris Renski, CEO of FreedomFi, stated that one of their goals is to allow mobile network operators and MVNOs, Mobile Virtual Network Operators, to roam into the network. “There are very few cases where you have truly private networks roaming capability to the macro MVO networks, which is very much the objective here.”

Pierson Wireless is excited to learn about this initiative, and looks forward to hearing about the continued efforts of this partnership.

Pierson Wireless has experience deploying high speed data services including CBRS networks. Our projects include outdoor spaces such as national parks, as well as large venues, high-rise buildings, and industrial complexes. If you are interested in hearing about our solution offerings, please reach out to

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