Upgrading Your Outdated or Underperforming DAS and Enhancing Your Future

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Pierson Wireless engineers often hear stories like this one:

“About 5 years ago, my company installed a cellular DAS throughout our commercial office property. Recently, employees and clients have both reported declining cellular service.” 

DAS and other wireless technologies consistently evolve, adding features and expanding capabilities. However, in spite of these technological upgrades, many long-term DAS users experience progressive declines in their system’s quality of service. These declines are often a result of the same new features and capabilities that cellular networks are upgraded to provide but older DAS does not support.

Pierson Wireless has assessed numerous situations like this for our customers and we often discover that the cellular network operators have added spectrum and densified their outdoor networks outpacing the capabilities of customer-owned DAS.

Pierson Wireless has a finger on the pulse of evolving technology in the wireless industry. This knowledge allows us to be experts in the design, engineering, and implementation of DAS solutions as well as experts in providing custom, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the connectivity needs of each unique customer. Our experience is not only valuable in the initial engineering and deployment of your DAS, but it also provides us the ability to proactively support as your needs change and technology improves. The Pierson Wireless team will work with you and help you fully understand your options.

“Pierson Wireless executes a holistic scalable strategy for not only the physical solutions on-site but the managed services aspect as well when approaching the upgrade path for end of life solutions. This ensures that we’re providing infrastructure plus the continued support of our team which will not only address our customers’ priority needs currently, but also into the future as technology changes or perhaps their needs do as well,” says Ted Cox, Sr. Director of Advanced Solutions and Development at Pierson Wireless.

The Pierson Wireless Advantage stems from a dedicated team of experienced wireless professionals who are committed to providing high-quality service in every aspect of our business – design, build and maintain. When you are looking to upgrade the capabilities of your DAS, we will provide a detailed plan that is designed with solutions and options that ensure optimal cellular performance in the long term. With Pierson Wireless, the customer’s future, bottom line, and transparency in understanding all of the options available to them is always at the forefront.

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