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Smart Cities – Attract Economic Development and Entrepreneurs

Interactive kiosks, free public Wi-Fi, smart streetlights and sensors, is the start of a new experience for those who live, work and play in Kansas City.   Kansas City is just one of many cities utilizing new technologies to support Big Data usage within the city.  Smart City initiatives help deliver basic services via real-time data more efficiently and will attract economic development & entrepreneurs. According to The Central Role of

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5G Network: FCC’s Big Push Toward The Next Wireless Network Generation

Most of us have witnessed the limited age of the Internet. There was a time when the general public couldn’t even muster up a use let alone depend on it for everyday use. But now only two decades later, we cannot see ourselves working ‘off the grid’ for any length of time. Gone are the days where the Internet is a disposable commodity; it has now become a highly valued,

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